Undergraduate students who are in good standing at Duke Kunshan University will have opportunities for study abroad experiences that are integrated with the undergraduate curriculum and major offerings. Working closely with Duke University and with Duke’s Global Education Office (GEO), the Office of Global Education will provide students with a range of opportunities to join programs both in China, in the United States, and elsewhere abroad.


Duke Kunshan University students will be able and encouraged to study for one semester and one summer term at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, during their junior year. At Duke, they will be able to take a wide variety of courses in both major and elective subjects, while also participating in student activities, organizations, and clubs. The Duke study abroad experience will also involve an immersive learning experience in American culture, society, and values.


Tuition for the regular semester at Duke University is the same cost as tuition for a semester at DKU and scholarships and financial aid packages also apply. Students attending the semester program at Duke will have to take into account the higher cost of housing, living, and other costs compared to the DKU campus in China. DKU students planning to attend the Duke Summer Session will normally be guaranteed access to that program. For the summer session, students and their families are responsible for all associated costs including tuition and housing, and scholarships and financial aid packages will not apply to summer programs. Also, the number of courses and activities is limited compared with the regular semester at Duke. Nevertheless, students attending the Duke Summer Session will receive the same level of support and guidance by a dedicated team of administrative staff at DKU and Duke as they do for the regular semester at Duke, and there will also be some special programming for DKU students who attend the summer programs.


While the study abroad experience at Duke University will likely prove attractive to the great majority of our students, we also expect that not all students will wish to spend an entire six months on the Duke campus, but will opt for other study abroad opportunities instead. The Office of Global Education will help students explore these opportunities and over time, the Office of Global Education will develop different study abroad programs and options for Duke Kunshan University students.

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Christopher Van Velzer

Director of Global Education
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Ashley (Jinyue) Yin

Study Abroad Advisor
Email: jinyue.yin@dukekunshan.edu.cn

Shuxian Li

Global Education Coordinator
Email: shuxian.li@dukekunshan.edu.cn