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SRS/SELF Poster Session 2022


Friday, November 4, 2022 – 15:00 to 17:00pm


AB Lobby


The 2022 SRS/SELF Poster Session features summer research and experiential learning activities done by DKU students and faculty. The event occurs annually in Fall. All students participating in Summer Research Scholars (SRS) Program and Student Experiential Learning Fellowship (SELF) program are expected to showcase their outcomes! This is a great chance to experience making a poster, to present a poster in public, and to receive constructive feedback from a friendly and supportive community.


The 2022 Poster Session will be held fully in-person. Refreshments for all presenters and guests will be provided.


Below is a list of SRS and SELF projects that will be presented in the Poster Session.


Project Title
Student Scholar
Research Advisor

Why and how do public policies change in China? Literature review of the Multiple Streams Framework

Ruby Qiu

Annemieke van den Dool

Mapping Policy Change in China – The Making of the Soil Pollution Law

Weijia Zhang

Annemieke van den Dool

Brain-Computer Interface for Creative Production

Boyu Qian, Rongfan Liu, Xinyu Qian, Yifan Li, and Zhiyu Zhou

Benjamin Bacon

Strain evolution and confinement effect in InAs/AlAs short period superlattices studied by Raman spectroscopy

Yinan Zhao and Kechao Lu

Changcheng Zheng

Spectrum Study of Transparent Ceramics

Yuruo Zheng

Changcheng Zheng

Individuals’ Willingness to Pay for Carbon Footprint

Tianshu Feng, Zexin Lin, Shanheng Gu, and Yuandong Li

Charles Chang

The Interplay between Genetic Predisposition and Natural Environment in the Development of Common Aging-related Diseases and Syndromes

Luan Qian

Chenkai Wu

An Analysis of Associations between Dementia and Intake Frequency of Cannabis based on UK Biobank

Wanqi Hu

Chenkai Wu

Numerical Analysis of Optical Trapping in the Ray Optics Regime

Junfei Wang and Zhenyu Xu

Domna G. Kotsifaki

Interpretable Industrial Anomaly Detection

Yijia Xue and Rui Jiang

Dongmian Zou

Hyperbolic Convolution via Kernel Point Aggregation

Eric Qu

Dongmian Zou

When Machines Start Talking: Trust and Emotions in Human-machine Communication

Xinran Lai, Leiyuan Tian, and Christine Sui

Fan Liang

Synthesis of Re(I)-based Carbon Monoxide Releasing Complexes for Imaging and Anticancer

Yixi Cheng

Floyd Beckford

Determining Algal-Bacterial Relationships in Planktonic Microbiome

Xiaoyuan Chen, Yang Yu, and Yinuo Yang

Huansheng Cao

Social Mechanism of Sectarian Violence in Egypt, 1970-2020: Types and Patterns of Armed Aggression and Communal Clash

Zhiye Ding, Hannah He, and Emerson Meeks

Hyun Jeong Ha

Isolation of Homozygous Epigenetic Mutants

Sihan Wang and Ziqin Wang

Joohyun Lee

Recognizing Epigenetic Regulations in Arabidopsis Thaliana Iron Homeostasis: From Large-Scale Screening to Expression Level Analysis

Zhujun Yao and Yixuan Wu

Joohyun Lee

Exploring epigenetic regulations of salt stress response in plants

Jingyun Jin and Renwei Gao

Joohyun Lee

Weather Modification in the US and PRC: A Comparative View

Zhiyi Chen and Hao Gong

Joseph Giacomelli

Life Cycle Environmental Impacts of Resource Recovery from Sewage Sludge

Siying Song and Wenyan Zhang

Ka Leung Lam

Least-cost Pathways for Decarbonizing the Water Industry in Melbourne

Xiaoyin Kang

Ka Leung Lam

Investigating Root Growth in Granular Media with X-Ray Computed Tomography

Jiayun Huang and Shihe Pan

Kai Huang

Neural Network Study of Phase Transitions in the Ising Model

Jing Gu, Yanzhang Zhu, and Chaoyue Yang

Kai Zhang

Risk and protective factors of mental health in the elderly in Suzhou: a pilot study in the resettlement areas and rural villages

Wenke Liu, Xiaomeng Yan, Jiaying Li, Zhixian Zhang, Shuzhe Wang, and Fei Wu

Keping Wu

Machine Learning of Dynamical Systems II

Chenyu Wang and Chenjun Ji

Konstantinos Efstathiou

eHealth Technologies in Type II Diabetes Management: Umbrella Review of Effectiveness and Implementations

Jas Santos and Sarah Hinterkoerner

Lijing Yan

The Association between Individual Resilience and Anxiety orDepresssion among the General Adult Population during COVID-19: A Systematic Review

Meichen Yap, Fei Wu, Lingli Tang, Xulei Huang, Kehan Su, and Zhengting He

Lijing Yan

Mechanisms and Path Analyses of Disease Management and Control among Patients with Chronic Disease in Urban China: A Community Empowerment-Based Approach (CEBA Study)

You Wu

Lijing Yan

Literature Review and Data Analysis of SINEMA Database

Zixuan Wu

Lijing Yan

Application of the Methods of Brackets in Mathematica

Siyuan Wu

Lin Jiu

Synergism between mRNA and siRNA Therapeutics

Bo Chen, Jingsong Shan, Jianning He, and Yiyue Guo

Linfeng Huang

Driving Force of Commercial Art in China: Explore the Diverse Impact of Art as Marketing Strategy by Luxury Brands

Yixuan Guo, Junfan Ma, Ruohan Wang, and Wenzhi Wang

Liqi Ren

Trust Mechanism Design: Blockchain For Social Good

Haoyang Yu, Josh Manto, Yihang Fu, Yutong Sun, Zhitong Chen, and Zesen Zhuang

Luyao Zhang

Jigsaw Puzzle Solver

Jiacheng Xie

Matthias Schröter

The Public Sentiment towards the Uptake of HPV Vaccine among Chinese Population: A Geospatial Analysis

Tianyu Wu

Meifang Chen

Cancer Control Policy and Regional Inequity in China: A Systematic Review

Kaijia Zhang, Qi Guo, and Yike Wang

Meifang Chen

The Effectiveness of the Application of Deep Learning in Early Diagnosis of Stomach Cancer in China: A Systematic Review

Ketong Han and Yifei Su

Meifang Chen

Multi-view Instant 3D Scanner and Appearance Feature Extraction for ASD Screening 

Lixing Lu

Ming Li

Sound Event Detection, Speaker Verification and Speech Synthesis

Xingyu Shen, Yueqian Lin, and Zhixian Zhang

Ming Li

Deep Neural Network based Cross-domain Optimization through Selection Hyper-heuristics

Jingwei Li and Kelvin Lin

Mustafa Misir

Deep Learning based Cross-domain Optimization through Selection Hyper-heuristics

Zian Pan and Tzu-liang Huang

Mustafa Misir

Anomalous Multicritical Phenomena and Frustration Induced by Synthetic Magnetic Fields

Jinchen Zhao

Myung-Joong Hwang

Critical Quantum Sensor Based on the Rabi Dimer Model

Shunyu Yan and Jonas Floriano

Myung-Joong Hwang

Dissipative Phase Transition in Open Rabi Model

Youxi Li

Myung-Joong Hwang

Innovations in Democratic Governance

Haeji Cho, Susan Lin, Nino Nadirashvili, Ellie Porcuincula, and Jiyuan (Dmitry) Sun

Quinlan Bowman

Representation/Agitation: Iwasaki Akira, Lu Xun, and Film under Capitalism

Liew Xiao Theng, Mingyu Zhou, and Yifei Yang

Richard Davis

Accuracy of Recalling Lab Induced Pain After Five Months

Zhiyuan Liu, Yixuan Chen, Tzu Ying Chuang

Shan Wang

Hippocampus & Striatum’s Roles in Interval Timing

Dunhan Jiang

Sze Chai Kwok

Spatial Locations Decoded by Human Hippocampal Wide-band Signals in a Virtual Navigational Environment

Renata Koviazina and Habib Debaya

Sze Chai Kwok

Repetition Suppression and Enhancement in Macaque Dorsomedial Parietal Neurons during Free Viewing

Xinyi Yang

Sze Chai Kwok

Using Gelatin as the Catalyst for the Polymerization of Styren

Xiaoan Bao

Tan Zhang

Modular Design Based on Bio Textiles

Jia Long and Jiahe Yang

Vivian Xu

Investigation on the Degradation of Masks in Marine Environment

Jiayi Shen

Weiwei Shi

Reconstructing the Olfactory Experience of Early Modern Chinese Literati

Weiran Li and Xiao (Anne) Liu

Wenting Ji

Design and Evaluation of a VR Game for Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia: Perspectives from Both Patients and Stakeholders

Ruiqi Chen, Shuhe Wang, and Lan Wei

Xin Tong

Personalized Virtual Human Agent for Emotional Wellbeing Management

Liwen He, Weibo Li, Yutong Ren, Ruitian Wu, and Tong Wu

Xin Tong

Design and Evaluation of a Virtual Reality Serious Game for Facilitating Empathy towards People with Color Vision Deficiency

Weicheng Zheng, Ruoxin You, and Yihao Zhou

Xin Tong

Deep Learning for Predicting 16S rRNA Copy Number

Jiazheng Miao and Tianlai Chen

Yajuan Lin and Mustafa Misir


Project Title
Student Scholars

Enriched spatial analysis of air pollution: Application to the city of Bogotá, Colombia

Zhexu Jin

Street Food City: A Future for Culinary Tourism in Bangkok

Charles Colasurdo

Roland Berger Strategy Consultant Intern – From Campus to Workplace: the Transition from Theory to Practice

Hongji Zou

Virtual Museum Experience in Social VR: an Autobiographical Design Research

Jiaxun Cao, Qingyang He, Zhuo Wang, and Yiran Zuo

Numerical Partial Differential Equation – Tumor Growth Model

Jiaqi Zhang

Culture and Modern Utilization of Lancang(Mekong) River

Kaiqi Wu

Restoration of Wild Type Neuronal Morphology in Drosophila Spastin Mutants through Alterations in Subperineurial Glia

Marytha Tan

Why you can’t control your desire to eat: The relationship between sense of agency and hunger

Ruolin Zhang

Data Science Experience

Saltanat Abat

Investigating the Reasons of COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy and Governmental Approaches among Non-Communicable Disease Patients in China

Mingyang Zhang

Effects of Fidelity in VR Interior Design Tools for Supporting Non-professionals to Participate in Design

Lan Wei, Chenyue Dai, and Xuening Peng

Bottlenose dolphins’ SNP data visualization based on Python

Yunfei Lyu

Catch My Eyebrow, Catch My Mind: Synthesizing Virtual Avatar’s Upper Facial Expression Based on the User’s Lower Face Movements

Yutong Ren, Xinge Liu, and Ziyu Han

Prevalence of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Eastern Yangcheng Lake

Yunyi Ru and Yiyang Weng

How is the dilemma of women represented in the exhibition?                                                         

Zhixin Gu