Undergraduate students will declare their majors in their second year. Duke Kunshan currently offers the following majors approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education, and more majors are under development. Some of the MOE approved majors have multiple tracks.

Prospective students interested in attending medical school upon graduation from DKU, and who commit to pursuing the Biology track in the Global Health major or Data Science major are eligible to apply for the Duke Kunshan-Duke-NUS Medicine Pathway. This is a unique opportunity to gain conditional acceptance into the Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree program at Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore along with your admission to Duke Kunshan University’s undergraduate program. Further details, including admissions criteria, can be found here.

Majors (listed in alphabetical order)

Requirements for All Majors

All students regardless of their choice of major will be required to take the following courses. Other specific major requirements are listed under each major.

Common Core (12 Credits)

Distributional Requirement and Quantitative Reasoning Course Requirement (16 Credits)


Course Credit

Arts and Humanities Distributional Requirement


Social Sciences Distributional Requirement


Natural and Applied Sciences Distributional Requirement


Quantitative Reasoning Course Requirement


Language Courses (8-16 Credits)

Please see details in Part 3: The Curriculum from the latest UG bulletin

Students in the English for academic purposes (EAP) track are required to take eight credits of EAP courses – EAP 101A to EAP 102B; they can also take 200+ level EAP elective courses or WOC courses to further develop their academic English skills.

Students in the Chinese as Second Language (CSL) track need to take 8-16 credits of CHINESE courses appropriate to their Chinese skill level.

Students in the Third Language track can satisfy their foreign language requirement by taking 8 credits of written and oral communication (WOC) courses or Third Language (TLANG) independent study courses through the Language Learning Studio.

Two Signature Work Capstone Courses (8 credits)

Please see details in Part 3: The Curriculum from the latest UG bulletin

Required Experiential Learning

1 Non-credit Mini-Term Course (Not required for the Class of 2022)

1 Signature Experiential Activity: Research, Internships, Community-Based Field Work, Civic


Graduation Requirements

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*Students from HMT may substitute additional CHSC courses for military training