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Class Activities

DKU has funding available for class activities such as poster sessions, classroom demonstrations, or film screenings. These activities typically take place on campus or within walking distance (such as Dayu Bay). Please consider current social distancing guidelines when planning any type of class activity in Fall 2021. The maximum budget is CNY 75 per enrolled student for a regular-sized course.  There is no limit on the number of the activities that can be held as long as the total expense doesn’t exceed the maximum budget.  


Activities should support the teaching objectives of the course. There are many ways such funds could be used; however, the office will not fund coffee or snacks unless related to a class activity that is open to other members of the DKU community, such as a poster session. Coffee, meals, or snacks should instead be funded through the student entertainment budget (see below). If you have any questions regarding whether or not an activity is eligible for funding, please consult the UG Academic Activities Coordinators.


  1. Please email the request to the UG Academic Activities Coordinators, at least two weeks before the proposed activity date. Requests should include an explanation of how the activity will enhance the learning objectives of the course.