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Class Guest Speakers

We have limited funding available for faculty who wish to invite a guest speaker from outside DKU to visit their class. Although guest speakers may travel from anywhere within China, funding is more competitive for speakers who are not local to DKU (outside of the Shanghai, Suzhou area). Faculty who are interested in inviting a guest speaker should contact the UG Academic Activities Coordinators.

Whenever possible, we encourage faculty to work with research centers or the colloquium series to bring in people who might give a seminar as well as visit a class.


  1. The topic or activity should be closely related to the course content.
  2. Only a maximum of one speaker per course per session will be funded.
  3. Due to the coronavirus, travel and social distancing guidelines, online guest speaker sessions are preferred. An honorarium for remote guest speakers will be provided.
  4. Due to travel restrictions, we do not anticipate covering any in-person speakers from outside of China in Fall 2021. The UG Studies Office will only cover travel expenses within China. If the visitor needs a Chinese visa or permit, they need to make the arrangements and cover the cost by themselves.


Budget is limited to:

    1. Round-trip transportation by train (up to first-class coach) or air (economy class) within China
      a. Local: Maximum 200 CNY
      b. Long distance: Limited number available, maximum 2,000 CNY
           i. Domestic airfare: economy
           ii. Train: second class
      2. One-night accommodation near the DKU campus or at the Conference Center: Maximum 750 CNY (long distance only)
      3. A maximum of 100 CNY per day on-campus dining
      4. Honorarium of CNY 1,500 (speakers from Duke Kunshan University, Duke University, Wuhan University will not be offered an honorarium) (*Starting from 2022, there has been a change in procedures for issuing Fapiao application of individual service provider who is a mainland China ID holder. Please check with the UG Academic Activities Coordinators for more information.)


  1. Faculty who wish to invite a visiting class speaker should contact the UG Academic Activities Coordinators, as early as possible. Applications will not be accepted within 2 weeks of the proposed visit start date.
  1. Funding for both local and long-distance speakers is competitive. All applications received prior to the start of the session will receive equal consideration.  Any applications submitted after the start of the session will only be considered if there is any remaining funding for that session.
  2. Requests should include an explanation of how the proposed visit will enhance the learning objectives of the course.