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Graduate School Pathway



Attends PTS information session

Students complete initial Pathways to Success survey

Use faculty/staff listings (to be available soon) to identify an appropriate faculty/staff for advisement and mentorship, or UG Studies will connect them

Student completes a follow up survey with more details about their graduate school interests.

First Mandatory Meeting

Discuss motivation for applying to a particular type of program or institution.

Discuss requirements students need to apply.

Identify what programs might be a good fit and how to do research to find potential options.

Discuss research opportunities for Summer 2021 and2021-22 academic year.

Students interested in applying for a fellowship will be referred to Marcia France or designated fellowship representative.

Student Action Items

Second Mandatory Meeting

Discuss a shortlist of programs student has identified, timeline for applications, testing, etc.

Establish a clear plan (using the planner/checklist).

Discuss appropriate resources for help with personal statements (WLS), research proposal (faculty in field), interview prep (career services) and test prep (Sakai) if applicable, etc.

“Grad & Fellowships” Sakai site (contains resources for all aspects of the application processes and recordings of our workshops).

Students interested in fellowships will follow up to confirm the student has met with the appropriate contact.

Using the planner/checklist, each student should leave with a list of schools and the timeline for the application process.

Follow Up


  • Grad&Fellowships” Sakai site contains a lot of useful information, including
    • Graduate School Planner/Checklist
    • Grad School 101 PPT and presentation
    • Entrance exam info and prep course info
    • Application components (statements, letters of recommendation)
  • Office of UG Studies:  Associate Dean Paul Stanley (
  • Your SW mentor and your academic advisor
  • Other faculty and staff
  • Writing and Language Studio for help on preparing essays
  • Career Services for help on preparing for interviews
  • Regular workshops and information sessions sponsored by UG Studies and Career Services


Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Paul Stanley