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Interdisciplinary Research Grants


To promote interdisciplinary research at Duke Kunshan University, the Undergraduate Studies program will offer grants of up to ¥5,000 to assist in the formation of high level interdisciplinary research networks. All DKU faculty are eligible to apply, but each network must significantly include faculty who teach in the undergraduate program and/or LCC. The goal is to build capacity of DKU faculty to engage in interdisciplinary research by bringing together faculty from different disciplines to learn from each other’s disciplines and study a common topic together or develop a common research project. One example might be a reading group in which faculty from various disciplines undertake to read key essays or scientific papers from other disciplines to enhance their capacity for interdisciplinary work. Other networks might propose to develop a specific research program that integrates work done in more than one discipline. Note that the grants are not intended to fund the actual research, but the preparation that is necessary to undertake future interdisciplinary research, develop research proposals, or apply for future funding. Multidisciplinary creative arts projects are also possible. Ideally such research networks should not replicate courses, themes or topics that exist currently in the curriculum, but should represent cutting edge thinking or topics that have not yet made their way into the undergraduate program. Experimentation and innovation in both form and content are encouraged, and we will consider any reasonable proposal.

Structure and Timeline

Each research network should be comprised of at least five faculty from DKU or Duke, with two or three DKU faculty serving as co-directors. The research networks can also comprise affiliated faculty or postdocs from other universities worldwide who would commit to regular online participation in the network (or in person participation if local). Although it is possible for students to participate in these research networks as observers, assistants or as active participants, it should be noted that the main goal of the networks is to enhance our collective capacity as faculty to work on interdisciplinary research projects. Each network should also host a final on-campus or online presentation before the end of the academic year to report on the network’s main achievements. A two-page written report is also required.


Each network will be allocated funding of up to ¥5,000 to be spent before June 30, 2023. Funding can support meeting supplies (including tea, coffee, snacks, working lunches), honoraria for invited outside experts/reviewers, and a final presentation.


Application is due via email to James Miller ( by September 15 and will be reviewed by an advisory committee. Results will be announced within a week. Each application should consist of the following elements:


  1. Title
  2. List of DKU Co-Directors (names and titles)
  3. List of DKU and Duke Faculty Network Members (names and titles)
  4. List of non Duke/DKU affiliates (names, titles and one paragraph biographies)
  5. Description of research area, its significance, and argument for why an interdisciplinary approach is required
  6. Description of anticipated activities / meetings with justification for their purpose
  7. Budget requested with justification for each element of the budget

If you are unsure whether your idea might qualify for funding under this program, please contact James Miller in advance.