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Teaching Cohorts


To promote undergraduate teaching at Duke Kunshan University, the Undergraduate Studies program will offer grants of ¥3,000 to assist in the formation of teaching cohorts. The funds may be used to facilitate regular meetings of your cohort to discuss better sequencing, continuity, integration or interdisciplinarity between courses, within and among divisions and the LCC. Examples include, but are not limited to, the role of the interdisciplinary courses in a specific interdisciplinary or cross-divisional major, courses in one discipline that serve multiple majors, or how to better integrate the interdisciplinary elements of a specific major or suite of courses. You may also use the funding to Zoom in Duke faculty to help both sides understand how the DKU and Duke curricula interface with each other. Teaching cohort grants do not need to be interdisciplinary; they can support the development of teaching and curricula within a specific major or discipline. You may use the fund for formal or informal group gatherings, such as coffee breaks on or off campus for participants. You might also propose to bring in a guest with expertise to assist or facilitate discussions. Note that these funds are not for supporting specific student projects or class activities, and that travel will not normally be funded.

Structure and Timeline

Each cohort should be comprised of at least three faculty from DKU or Duke, with one DKU faculty serving as the convenor. You are also welcome to invite students into the discussions to help understand the curriculum from their perspective. Each network should produce a two-page written report at the end of the year.


Each network will be allocated funding of up to ¥3,000 to be spent before June 30, 2023. Funding can support meeting supplies (including tea, coffee, snacks, working lunches), honoraria for invited outside experts, etc. Travel will not normally be supported.


Application is due via email to James Miller ( by September 15 and will be reviewed by an advisory committee. Results will be announced within a week. Each application should consist of the following elements:


  1. Title
  2. Name and title of DKU convenor
  3. List of DKU and Duke Teaching Cohort Members (names and titles)
  4. Description of teaching cohort field, area, discipline or topic and list of relevant DKU/Duke courses
  5. Description of anticipated activities / meetings with justification for their purpose
  6. Budget requested with justification for each element of the budget

If you are unsure whether your idea might qualify for funding under this program, please contact James Miller in advance.